How To Make a Crocheted Pot Holder

When evening rolls around you usually sit in front of the TV and watch your favorite show, you twiddle your thumbs, or go get something to snack on (this could be bad for your health), but you shouldn't have to be twitching and twirling. You could actually be doing something productive and fun like crocheting. This is a hobby you can do while waiting for the bus, the subway, standing in line, on your lunch break or just about anywhere.

One of the best hobbies you can take up is that of crochet. You can make all kinds of products, and you can crochet while watching a movie or talking to friends. You want to start with easy projects, and the first easy project you should start with is pot holders. When you crochet pot holders you want to make sure that it is thick so you don't burn yourself, so you want to use two strands of yarn.

You will need a few things, like a crochet hook that is a size I, scissors, and 2 skeins of worsted weight yarn.

The first thing you want to do is hold two strands of yarn up. These need to be the same size. Then make a chain of 27 stitches with your crochet hook. Then you want to start your second chain, but make it a single crochet. When you get to the end of chain one, then you want to turn it and complete every row. Work under the loop on the chain, and single stitch across and then add a turning chain at the end of the row. You need to finish 26 rows like this, but you have to add a turning chain at the end of each of the rows.

When you finish you want to leave a 4 inch tail, so that you can loop it to hang the pot holder.  The hanging loop can be made by taking two strands of yarn to the corner of the potholder and attaching it with a slip stitch, then chaining 11 stitches. You want to single crochet the stitches and then loop it into the beginning with another slip stitch. Your pot holder is finished when you weave in all the ends.

In just a couple of hours you could have some great pot holders you made yourself. You can give these as gifts, and they will probably be cherished more than anything you could have bought at a store. So start doing something productive and start crocheting.


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