How To Make a Crocheted Sarong

A crocheted sarong is an easy and functional way to add style to any outfit. This is an easy project to do for beginners and will give you practice using the basic steps of crocheting. Here's how to make your own crocheted sarong.

  1. The first step you will need to do is determine what type of yarn you want to use. Do you want it to have various purposes? For example, do you want it to function as a towel when you get out of the pool? Do you just want it to add that extra flare to your outfit? If you want it to add flare to an outfit then get ribbon or lightweight yarn. If you want it to absorb water then I suggest a cotton yarn.
  2. The next step is to get about 700 yards of yarn. This will enable you to have enough and not worry about matching colors if you need more yarn later.
  3. After you have purchased the yarn, then you are going to make a sample swatch. To do this, get the hook that you want, make a chain of 15, turn and single crochet 14. The next line is going to be a double chain and then two triple chain rows. This is going to be a sample of how the finished sarong will look.
  4. Once you have done your sample, if you need to make adjustments with the hook do so at this time. Make sure to do a sample swatch with the new hook. This will ensure that you like how the finished item will look. Once you have finished your sample you are going to take the swatch apart.
  5. After you have taken it apart, you are going to chain the number of stitches that is the size of your waist. Add two extra inches this will be the tie. Next, you are going to do the waistband of your sarong. Chain two and turn. Double crochet to the end and repeat once.
  6. Then you are going to chain three and turn. Triple crochet to the end. Then repeat until it is the length that you want it.
  7. After the last row of triple crocheting is complete, you are going to chain two and turn. Double crochet to the end and then chain one and turn.
  8. Next, single crochet until you are finished with that row.

Then finish off by cutting the yarn three inches longer and threading it through last row.


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