How To Make a Crossword Puzzle

If you know someone who loves doing crossword puzzles, why not create a custom made puzzles as a surprise or gift?  Some creative gifts require lots of time, effort, and supplies, but not crossword puzzles.  The bulk of the time will be used for creating the clues for the puzzle, but these can be as simple or as difficult as you choose.

There are many ways to create a crossword puzzle.  One way is the old-fashion way: paper and pencil.  Simply draw intersecting rows and columns that fit your words and make sure to correlate the clues with the numbers you draw in the corners.  This way of creating a puzzle will take the longest, especially if you want it to be neat.

The more efficient way of creating a crossword puzzle is online.  There are many websites that offer free templates that are easy and very user friendly.  Simply search for “making your own crossword puzzles”, and many websites will become available for you.  All you have to do is type in the clues and answers and a customized puzzle is created; you can then print it out or save it in a PDF.

Creating a crossword puzzle for a bridal or baby shower can be a nice alternative to traditional games, especially if the bride or mother to be is a cruciverbalist (fan of crossword puzzles).  Another great use of your creativity is making a romantic crossword puzzle.  Making a puzzle for your mate or partner can be romantic and interesting.  It can be a keepsake in a frame, or you can create a pack of puzzles to pass the time on a flight or at work.  Little things, especially creative ones, definitely go a long way.

Making kids' crossword puzzles is another idea.  If you have time on your hands you could help your children learn their vocabulary lists or study for a test.  In fact making crossword puzzles is also great for teachers.  Sometimes you need filler activities or holiday worksheets, and why not do something different?

Crossword puzzles are great gifts, but even if you are the cruciverbalist you can still have fun making puzzles.  It takes some thinking to create a complete puzzle with intersecting words; just like doing the puzzles, you have to be clever to make up interesting, effective clues.  Creating crossword puzzles is just like doing them, only backwards.  And maybe the best part of homemade crossword puzzles is that you will always be able to finish them.


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