How To Make a Crystal Necklace

Have you seen the stars wearing elegant necklaces with the sparkle and luxury of crystal, and figured you could never afford something so beautiful? Well now you can make your own crystal necklace, just like the ones worn by the rich and famous, with a few simple steps and without a large investment of time or money. You can also make these necklaces very cheaply to sell or to give as gifts to friends and family.

Gather your supplies. To make a crystal necklace, you will need to purchase crystals such as Swarovski crystals or other Czech crystal beads. You will need something to string them on, which can be as simple and inexpensive as clear, monofilament fishing line of a low weight so your fishing line can knot and drape well, and then a clasp to finish your necklace. There are stretch cords, or even nylon-coated wires that will make a sturdier, more professional necklace; if you want this necklace to last, that may be a better option for you.

The process is quick and easy with outstanding results. Cut your stringing medium to fit the neck of the person who will be wearing the necklace, and add one to two inches on either side for attaching your clasp. Eighteen inches is a very common necklace length, though they can be anywhere from sixteen to twenty-four inches depending on how you want your necklace to drape around your neck.

String your crystal beads in an appealing pattern, alternating colors and/or shapes. If you have the time, you can use a craft glue to glue each individual crystal in place, spaced one inch apart. If you are using a clear fishing line, this will give your necklace the illusion of individual crystals floating around your neck. If you want, interspersing your crystals with semi-precious stones, pearls, or other beads can add a lot of color and style to your necklace.

Secure your clasps
onto either side of your necklace with either crimp beads, craft glue, knots, or a combination of the three. Be very careful if you are using fishing line and using crimp beads. If you close them too tightly around the fishing line, they could sever the line and ruin your necklace. If you do want the illusion look, a clear stretch cord or illusion cord specifically made for jewelry making will allow you to make a more high-quality piece of jewelry.


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