How To Make a Custom Movie Poster

A movie poster is an eye-catching way to advertise a movie. Movie posters usually consist of pictures of the actors of the movie or a scene depicting the theme of the story. Other elements that are found on a movie poster are the names of the actors and some of the crew, the title of the movie and also the tagline. You can create your own movie poster to go with short films that you have made or even for home videos.

Here are some tips on how to make a custom movie poster:

  1. Image. The first thing that is noticed in film posters is the image or the photo. In some film posters, the only elements that are present are the image, the title of the movie and the tagline. An example for this is the Saw movie poster. The image that you choose to be on the poster must be relevant to the film. This may be the main actor(s) of the film or a symbol that is seen in the film. You can also add the awards won by the movie in festivals or the movie rating.
  2. Title. An element that is always present on a movie poster is the title. The title must be written in a font that is readable. You can choose different fonts that fit the genre of the movie. The size of the font must fit the size and dimensions of the movie poster. Also, make sure that the color of the font is readable against the background of the poster. The title of a movie is an element that can encourage people to watch the movie. Create a title that is unique but easy to remember. Also, choose a title that is appropriate for the story of the movie.
  3. Taglines. The next element to consider in making your movie poster is the tagline. The tagline is a one liner that is used to advertise the movie. To create a tagline, think of a phrase that will embody the overall story and theme of your movie. Make it catchy so that people will be encouraged to watch your movie. The tagline is usually seen under the title in a smaller font.
  4. Credit Block. The credit block is composed of the credits for the different people who make up the movie. The credit block is written in a small font so that the names can fit in the poster frames. Some of the people who are included in the credit block are the director, main actors, producer, screenwriter, editor, production designer, composer and the director of photography.

These are some of the main elements that you need in order to make your own custom movie poster. There are various types of movie posters. Some of them are simple, just showing the title, and others have all the information printed on them. The style of the movie poster is important as some people may decide whether to see or not to see the movie based on the information on the movie poster. 


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