How To Make a Custom Picture Frame from a Mirror

Today more than ever, with mass markets, people are trying to set themselves and their homes apart in a world where everything has been thought of. A custom picture frame from a mirror chosen to suit ones own individual tastes is an answer to the "generic-store-bought" blues.

  1. The first step is to decide what your picture frame will be for. Is this mirror picture frame a gift, or for your own home?
  2. The next step is to find a mirror, or mirrors depending upon what your custom picture frame calls for. You may be lucky and already have the perfect mirror kicking around already, or you may need to shop for one. Secondhand stores are a great option for finding unique mirrors. You also will need to decide if you would like to surround the picture with mirror, or surround the mirror with photos or art; you may also opt to adhere cutouts directly to the mirror or to stencil art directly onto the mirror, then painting a border framing the art.
  3. To literally create a custom picture frame using mirrors you will need to acquire an appropriately sized piece of plywood, veneer would be an excellent choice. You may paint or stain the veneer, or leave it natural.
  4. You will need mirrors to use as a border. Measure the space in the middle of the veneer needed for the size picture you would like to frame, also measure the space you will be covering with mirror.
  5. Next, decide a pattern and choose mirrors based on your need.
  6. If you painted or stained the veneer, be sure to allow adequate drying time before going on to the next step.
  7. Using a strong glue, such as Gorilla brand, adhere the mirrors to the veneer in the design you have predetermined.
  8. After allowing drying time, typically 24 hours, you are ready to insert the picture into your finished frame.
  9. Finally you will want to place a cut to size piece of clear plastic or glass over the picture. If the fit is snug enough, there will be no need for any further action. If desired you can create a border using stiff cardboard. The cardboard strips will need to be sized and folded in half. You will glue these strips both to the edge of the mirrors and also to the glass or plastic covering your picture.  Keep in mind that this makes your framed picture pretty much permanent.


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