How To Make a Cute Bottle Pig

Don't toss out your empty bleach bottles! With a little creativity, you can recycle them into a cute bottle pig or even a piggy bank. This DIY project is a great craft to make with your kids. Here's how to make a cute bottle pig:

Materials and supplies:

  • Empty, clean bleach bottle
  • Hot glue gun and gluesticks
  • Large googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • 4 empty spools of thread
  • Two buttons
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter
  • Paint, glitter, or other craft supplies (optional)


  1. Cut the coin slot. If you want your bottle pig to be a piggy bank, first you'll need to cut a slot for the coins. This should be done on the side of the bottle, and requires the use of a box cutter. Carefully cut out a rectangle that is large enough for coins. This step should be done by an adult.
  2. Add the ears and nose. Now, cut out two triangles from construction paper or cardboard in black, brown, pink, or gray. Fold the bottom so that you have a thicker edge to glue to the bottle. Then tape or glue them to the sides of the bottle, near the original top of the bottle. The top and lid of the bottle serve as the pig's snout. You can gently fold the paper ears down to create floppy ears. Cut out a circle of pink construction paper, and tape or glue it to the cap of the bottle to make a nose. Then glue on two buttons as nose holes. Hot glue guns can get very hot, and should only be used under adult supervision.
  3. Decorate the body. Be creative! You can use paint, glitter, fabric scraps, or nearly any other craft supplies to make a cute bottle pig. You can decorate your pig with a personality in mind, and even give your bottle pig a name.
  4. Add the eyes, feet, and tail. Once the decorations on your bottle pig's body have dried, Place the bottle upright. Then, glue on four empty thread spools as feet. Let them dry completely before turning the bottle on its side to rest your bottle pig on his feet. If you don't have any thread spools laying around, you can be creative and use other household or craft materials for the feet. Now, glue two googly eyes in the appropriate places, or use a permanent marker to draw them on. To make the tail, twist a pipe cleaner around your finger to make it curly. Then, use a drop of hot glue to attach the tail to the back of your pig.

No other piggy bank in the world will be exactly like your own cute bottle pig. This creative project is a great way to recycle a used bleach bottle.


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