How To Make a Daisy Chain Bracelet

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Colorful, bright daisies can be worn around your wrist with these simple instructions making a beaded daisy chain bracelet. These steps are easy, and you'll be able to make this bracelet very quickly, which makes it perfect for a rainy day project when going outside is not an option. This bracelet design can be adapted to almost any color combination, so make several to go with any number of outfits.

In order to make your daisy bracelet, you will need a few inexpensive supplies. You will need two to three colors of seed beads, size 11. If you are using 'stems' as spacers for your bracelet, you will need a green colored seed bead, otherwise white and yellow seed beads will be sufficient. You will also need some sort of clasp, a nylon thread, and a needle narrow enough to be used with your seed beads.

To begin, you will need to thread one end of your clasp, knot it, and glue the knot to secure it. Allow your glue to dry, and then string four white seed beads. Add your yellow or center bead, and thread your needle through the first bead you added. This will form half of your daisy. Add two more white seed beads and thread your needle through the last of the first group of white seed beads you added to complete the circle.

Now you may add between zero and four green seed beads for your stem. If you do not want to add a stem, simply thread three more white seed beads and your center yellow seed bead, and continue the process over again.

You will want to size your bracelet, including your clasp, between six to eight and a half inches depending on the wrist of the person who will be wearing it.

This daisy chain also makes a cute ankle bracelet during the warmer months.

For a more interesting look, choose seed beads of different finishes to use for your daisies. For example, using a matte or glossy finished seed bead for your petals, and a translucent seed bead for the center (or vice versa) will give some new style to this simple bracelet design.

If you do not want to use 'stems' in your design, each daisy will share one bead for each end, so make sure you account for this when you are stringing your seed beads.


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