How To Make a Dart Gun

Have an older brother that won't stop annoying you? Well here is the perfect solution. To create the perfect blow dart gun you need a couple of things you should have laying around the house.

First find either a plain ballpoint pen or a straw. You want a nice smooth tube, so no fancy pens. Next go in your brother's closet and cut of one the tips of his shoelaces about a 1/4 inch down from the plastic cuff. Next go in the hall closet and grab a needle from Mom's sewing kit.

That is all you need to build the perfect blow dart gun.

  1. The first step is to take apart the pen, removing everything but the hollow plastic shell. If you are going with a straw, you are all set. The straws you get with fast food milkshakes are optimal.
  2. Next, take the tip of your brother's show lace and twirl the bit of lace hanging from the plastic tip between your fingers until it frays. Do not use Dad's shoe laces as he will not appreciate having his shoe laces decapitated.
  3. Now the critical part. Take the needle and push it through the shoelace, but starting at the back through the frayed part. The pin will probably get stuck, but no one ever said making the perfect blow dart gun was easy. Just flip your dart over and press down on a hard object such as a table and the needle will slide right on through. You want a needle to be about a 1/4 inch sticking out of the plastic end.
  4. You have everything you need for your blow dart gun now. Place your dart in the back end of the pen or straw and remember, do NOT inhale! The dart should fit snug in the pen or straw, large enough that the frayed end fills the straw, small enough that it doesn't get stuck. Aim and give a quick sudden blow and there you go: the perfect blow dart gun.

A couple of things to remember: Never aim at the head, in fact you really should only target pictures or voodoo dolls of your brother. It is not a good idea to shoot at people even with dull darts as serious injury could occur. Do not shoot at animals. It is plain wrong. And lastly, leave it at home; it is not a good idea to take any weapon, even a blow dart gun to school.


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