How To Make a Decoupage Plaque for Dad

If you are searching for that perfect gift from the heart for Dad, decoupage just might be the answer to your problem. You can make a wonderful decoupage plaque using old Father's Day cards and photos of special moments shared between you. You may also wish to add a special poem written especially for Dad!

To begin this project, get a large, flat piece of wood that is of good quality and about eleven inches by fourteen inches in size. Then gather the photos and any of your dad's favorite old Father's Day cards received in previous years, or new ones you've selected for this project. You will also need some sandpaper, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, decoupage glue and decoupage sealant spray.

Cut out the messages from the Father's Day cards. This is the part you want to use for your plaque, discard the rest. Grind the top surface of the wood with sandpaper until it is all even and smooth.

Next, lay all the photos and card messages onto the wood. If you have written a poem for this project, lay that onto the wood as well. Then, continue to re-arrange everything on the wood until you find the arrangement you like best. Once everything is arranged the way you want it, use the decoupage glue to secure everything into place. Then, firmly but gently, rub a damp sponge or cloth over the top of everything to take out air bubbles and creases. Set the plaque aside and allow the glue to dry for twenty-four hours.

Finally, spray the plaque with a good coat of decoupage sealant. This will both protect the photos and messages on the plaque, as well as create a glossy, sleek finish. If you wish to create an even glossier and smoother finish, you may add more coats of sealant; just be sure to let each coat dry and set before adding the next.

Be sure to secure a hanging bracket to the plaque so dad can hang it on the wall for display! You may also try variations of this project such as adding hand or footprints if this is a gift from a child, or substituting a song in place of the poem, or perhaps adding a song as well as a poem, or anything else you can think of that your dad would like.  Oh, and by the way, you can use this same idea to make a great gift for Mom too!


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