How To Make a Della Robia Garland

A Della Robia garland is made with accents of pine cones, fruits, evergreen and nuts. These are lovely rustic Italian decorations with a natural appearance. The colors of the garland are green, orange, red, yellow and brown.  This color scheme is achieved through the use of materials that make the garland appear elegant, classic and understated.

Materials Needed To Make A Della Robia Garland
First, determine the length of the garland you require.  Average sizes for most garlands are approximately 10 feet long. Select evergreens of fir, pine, cedar, juniper and laurel. Traditional Della Robia garlands are a combination of evergreens, layered with laurel leaves, fruit and nuts.  The following are directions to create a beautiful Della Robia garland:

  1. Join small bunches of evergreens with 6-inch long stems. 
  2. Join 2-3 sprigs of laurel leaves.
  3. Cut a length of twine 10 feet long and lay out on a large dry, flat surface.
  4. Purchase floral wire from a local garden shop. This will be used to join bunches of evergreens and other materials to the Della Robia garland.
  5. Secure evergreens by wrapping a small length of floral wire around stems. Twist tightly.
  6. Leave enough floral wire to attach to the twine.
  7. Another way is to cut a 10 foot length of floral wire, lay it out on your workspace and attach small bunches of evergreens 6 inches from the end of the wire. Repeat with the next bunch.  Place the second bunch of evergreens so it overlaps the first. Tuck stems beneath the first bunch of evergreens for a neater garland arrangement. Repeat until the floral wire or twine are covered with all the evergreens and 6 inches of wire or twine remain at the end.

Adding Colorful Decorations
Use oranges, lemons, limes, apples and fruits with a long shelf-life to add to the garland. Large walnuts, Brazil and hazelnuts and pine cones add contrast to the bright colors of the fruit. Use clean, discarded pantyhose in light shades to wrap fruits and nuts. Cut pantyhose into 4-inch squares. Wrap fruit, nuts and pine cones separately in each square. Pull tightly across each. Secure ends of squares by tying into a firm knot. Then, wrap floral wire around each knot. Wrap several different types of nuts into each square for eye appeal. Add these at intervals to the garland. Separate fruit and nuts on the garland with pine cones if desired. The garland is now ready to hang.


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