How To Make a Denim Pocket Purse

Turn your old jeans into a new accessory. If you want to recycle those jeans into a pocket purse you can wear almost anywhere, you are in luck. Follow these steps to make a denim pocket purse of your own.

  1. Wash the jeans. Start with a clean pair of jeans that have faded to perfection.
  2. Remove the back pockets from a pair of jeans. Turn the jeans inside out so that you can see the inside seams of the back pockets. Use a seam ripper or a par of scissors to remove the seams that secure the back pockets to the jeans.
  3. Place the pockets so the insides face each other. Hide the inside seams of the pockets by facing the insides of the pockets together. Starting one inch from the top of the pockets and pin the sides and bottom of the pockets together so that they stay lined up.
  4. Use colorful ribbon to make the strap. Cut a piece of ribbon to the length you desire for the purse strap. Place the ends of the ribbon in between the open top inch on each side. Pin the strap in place so it is secure between the pocket sides.
  5. Sew the edges together. Sew the pockets and strap together with a strong sewing machine. Sew the sides and bottoms closed while leaving the top of the purse open.
  6. Personalize the purse. Once you have the basic shape of the purse you want feel free to personalize the purse with your own decorator style. Add fringe, dazzling beads or stones if you desire. You might even embroider one side with your favorite design or words. Have fun with this step and make the purse a statement of your own personal style.

Your new denim pocket purse is conveniently wallet sized for a night out at the clubs. By personalizing the purse with your own style you'll never get it mixed up with any one else's purse and you can make a statement wherever you go.


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