How To Make a Doll Hijab

What is a hijab? A hijab is an article of clothing used in the Middle East and Africa to cover the hair and shoulders. Sometimes a hijab is used to cover the arms and hands. Some people confuse a burka with a hijab, burka is a female high shouldered article of clothing used to cover the whole body. A burka has to be sewn and is made of heavy felt, while a hijab can be made out of different fabrics and doesn't have to be sewn. A doll hijab is a cute and interesting project for cultural studies, or a new activity for a slumber party. A doll hijab is easy because you do not need a needle or thread; hot glue guns, and regular cloth binding glue is fine enough. You will need some cloth you like as tall as your doll you wish to make the hijab for, scissors, and something to bind the edges with. You might want some straight pins to aid with the edges, or tape. You can also add nice decorative lace around the edges. Here's how to make a doll hijab.

  1. Measure the height of your doll, and then measure your selected cloth for her hijab. Cut carefully the same height as your doll, in a square shape. The width of the fabric should be half of the height.
  2. Carefully glue the edges to create smooth edges. You can use pins to help hold the cloth straight, or you can hand sew this part if you choose. Hot glue guns can burn skin, so be careful. Monitor children, and make sure everyone is using the glue or pins safely. Work on a cleared space, such as newspaper, to catch extra glue. You can do one side with a clean seam, or all 4. Make sure if you do one side that it is a wider side to cover all her throat, chin and chest.
  3. After the glue has set, or you are finished sewing, drape the finished hijab with the smooth side over her forehead. Use the hijab to frame her face, and gently pin the cloth under her chin, near her throat. Then continue pinning the doll's hijab down in equal measurements down her front until just above her hips.

Now your doll has a fashionable hijab! Some glue contains pig by-products, and is not permitted by Islamic law. If the origin of the glue is an issue, use the hand sewn method.


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