How To Make a Doll Using a Clothespin

Clothespin dolls are an easy and inexpensive craft that adults and children of all ages enjoy making. Dolls made of clothespins have been popular for many years and get more and more elaborate as time goes on. Clothespin dolls make great gifts and wonderful ornaments. Here is how to make your own doll using a clothespin.

You will need a round head clothespin, small scraps of fabric, craft paint in shades of skin tones, scissors, glue, yarn, 6 " piece of pipe cleaner and fine tip markers. The sky is the limit with these cute clothespin dolls. Feel free to add beads, sequins, flowers, or anything else that will help complete your doll's look.

If you would like, you can paint the clothespin pale pink or any skin color you would like your doll to have and let it dry completely.

Once your clothespin is dry, use markers to create a face on the rounded head of the clothespin, using the center split of the pin as a guide to ensure the face is straight.

Fold the pipe cleaner in half around the clothespin and crisscross so that there are even pieces of the pipe cleaner on each side of the pin. Twist the pipe cleaner; then, using a small dab of glue, attach to the pin. This will create your doll's arms.

Decide how you would like to dress your doll and choose the fabric that you will use to create the clothes. Using small pieces of scrap fabric approximately 2" x 2", wrap the fabric around the clothespin and attach using glue. To create pants or jeans for your doll, use the split for the doll's legs and cut the fabric to go around each side. You may use ribbon or string to create a belt for your doll if you so desire.

For your doll's hair, you can use yarn, floss, or even doll hair purchased from a craft store. If you are using yarn or floss, cut small pieces of yarn to the length you want your doll's hair to be and attach to the top of the doll's head using glue. You can make it as fine or as thick as you want. Ribbon or fabric pieces can be used to put a bow in your doll's hair or create a hat.

You can vary any of the steps above to create your own personal and creative style to match your personality or theme.


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