How To Make a Drainage Hole in a Ceramic Pot

If you have a lot of ceramic pots in your collection, but they don't have a drainage hole, don't throw them away.

There are ways to deal with the problem that are easy and inexpensive. If you already have an electric drill, then you are a step ahead. If you don't, it would be useful to own one, so go ahead and make the jump. They are very reasonably priced, and easy to use.

It will be easier if you purchase a cordless drill. You don't have to fool with cords, and you will be able to work in the yard. It is also safer to work with, as you don't have to worry about electrical shock. Another option is to borrow one from a friend. Perhaps they need some of their pots drilled for drainage holes also. You will also need a one-quarter inch or larger masonry bit, depending on the size of the pot. The bit will be marked as such at the big home stores, or at a hardware store. Tell the salesperson that you are drilling a drainage hole in a ceramic pot, and they will make sure you get the right kind.

  1. Select the spot for the drainage hole, and place two pieces of masking tape in an x pattern across the bottom of the ceramic pot. Mark the spot for the drainage hole where the tape crosses.
  2. Now that you have all the tools you need, turn the pot upside down. If working inside, place an old newspaper, or something else, to catch the mess underneath it.
  3. Make sure the drill is in forward operation. The direction should be marked on the handle. The bit will be turning clockwise if you are in forward. Place the bit on the spot, and start drilling until a small crater appears.
  4. Now stop and pour a small amount of water into the crater. This will keep the dust down while you are drilling. Continue drilling, but do not push down on the drill too hard. Let the weight of the drill, plus a little pressure, support it as you drill. In just a few minutes you can make a drainage hole in a ceramic pot.
  5. When the bit totally penetrates the bottom of the pot, ease it out. You can let the bit turn, and it will clean any rough edges as you do this. If the hole looks like it is not large enough, drill another using the same technique.
  6. Place the pot upright and install a small piece of hardware cloth, or screen wire over the drainage holes. It can just lie there. The dirt or gravel will hold it in place.

This is an easy way to make a drainage hole in a ceramic pot.


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