How To Make a Duct Tape Bowl

Duct tape is becoming not only economical and practical in its many uses, but fashionable and functional, as well.  It doesn't cost very much, but can be used in a multitude of creative ways, from clothing and accessories, to closing boxes, to funky jewelry and decorative items. Have you ever wanted a unique bowl to decorate your room?  Why not make one out of duct tape!  All you'll need to get started is duct tape of your choice and a pair of scissors.  You might want a ruler to measure exact lengths, or just be creative and eye the cuts for length - your choice.

Duct tape comes in so many colors and designs now, from neon to the plain silver, so that a duct tape bowl is definitely unique to your own style.  So, once your duct tape has been chosen, it's time to cut. 

  1. You'll need about eight pieces of tape, each about a foot in length. 
  2. With two of those eight strips, making sure the sticky side is facing up, form a cross shape. 
  3. Now that you have one cross, set it aside, and repeat the same cross-making action for the rest of the six duct tape strips.  You should have four crosses in all when everything is said and done.
  4. Now, take two of the sticky-side up crosses and form an asterisk shape with them. 
  5. Once that is formed, set aside and make another asterisk shape with the last two crosses. 
  6. You'll now have two large duct tape asterisk shapes to work with, which is what you needed. 
  7. Turn one of the asterisks sticky-side down and place it directly over the other asterisk shape, which should be sticky-side up.  You'll be sticking the two shapes together, to form the inside of your bowl.
  8. You know have two non-sticky asterisks that are joined.  Take the top point of the asterisk, and connect it with tape directly to the point to the right of it. 
  9. Continue that pattern all the way around the bowl until all the pieces are joined together. 
  10. Take some more duct tape, and run it around the top edge of the bowl to form a smooth edge. 
  11. Trim any unnecessary pieces with your scissors, and voila! You have a duct tape bowl of your own creation. 

Use it to hold keys, odds and ends, change, or anything else you might have a need to keep in a convenient place.


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