How To Make a Duvet

With colder weather coming on, you may be thinking of adding more layers of warmth to your bed, or at the very least, of getting new bedclothes to spruce up your bedroom. An easy, inexpensive, and fun way to do this is to make your own duvet. Even if you have limited experience sewing, within a few hours you'll have a comfortable, warm duvet that is just to your tastes. Here is how to make a duvet.

  1. First determine what size bed you will be making the duvet cover for. The most inexpensive way to make your own duvet is to purchase two bedsheets in a pattern you like that corresponds to the size of your bed. For instance, if you have a queen size bed, purchase two queen size flat sheets. To make things interesting, you can purchase contrasting solid colors, or one solid sheet and one patterned sheet to make a reversible duvet!
  2. Wash and iron the sheets before getting started.
  3. Spread one sheet out on a flat surface large enough to accommodate the duvet. Place the right side of the sheet (the side you want to be the outside of your duvet) up. Spread the second sheet over the top of the first sheet, right side down. Align the edges of the two sheets and make sure everything is even. Pin the sheets together on the two sides and the top. Space the pins about four inches apart and about one inch from the edge of the sheet.
  4. With a sewing machine, sew along the three pinned sides, about an inch and a half from the edge of the duvet. If you want to finish the edges, either sew a zigzag stitch along the edge, finish with a serger, or fold the edge under and stitch down the length of the side again.
  5. At this point, you can consider your duvet finished, turn the duvet right side out, slide the comforter into it, and call it a day. Or you can choose to add buttons to the open side of the duvet, so that the comforter will not slip out.
  6. To add buttons, use the buttonhole attachment on your sewing machine and create buttonholes about six inches apart on the open side of the duvet. Line buttons up with the holes and sew them to the duvet.

Turn the duvet right side out, put the comforter inside, and you're finished! Spread your new duvet on the bed and admire your work!


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