How To Make a Fabric Collage

Collage is a taken from the French word ‘coller’, which means to glue. It is an artistic form of presenting one visual using an assemblage of separate materials. If you ever remembered an art project in school where you had to put several pieces of materials together, then that’s a collage. Collages use a central back piece usually a cardboard. You can use newspaper, pictures or scraps of colored paper. Nowadays more creative form of collages had come out. They use three-dimensional pieces like glass, wood, ceramic, metal or figurines. One of the most popular collages though uses fabric.

In a fabric collage you may use scraps of cloth from a previous sewing activity. You may also use cloth from old clothes, rugs, or any piece of colorful fabric you see lying around. Fabric collages make interesting visuals because it is neither too ordinary like using paper nor too complex like using figure pieces.

Great way to start making this collage is to incorporate the help of your friends or children. Children should find this educational especially since they make use of their senses. This should also be very easy to do and the materials just found inside your home.

  • Prepare the materials. You must collect every available pieces of fabric you may find. Prepare a cardboard or canvas appropriately sized to your desired visual concept. You will also need glue, spray adhesive or glue gun to stick your fabrics to the backing. Otherwise a sewing machine will stitch your scraps together.
  • Design your concept. Lay your cardboard down and on it the scraps of fabric. You must then decide what concept your visual will take. The prints and colors should help you figure out if you want an abstract collage or one with a theme. Arrange and re-arrange fabrics to your design.
  • Glue them together. Start cutting your fabrics into desired shapes and sizes. You may then start with the lay out by one by one gluing the fabric together. You must overlap the fabrics one on top of the other to avoid spaces in between. Hold the fabrics together for a few seconds to ensure that they stick. You can use hot glue, which takes less time but may not hold it as well. A better way to do this is to sew them together.
  • Attach onto the base. Use the spray adhesive at the back of the connected fabrics and stick it onto the cardboard or canvas. Hold them together for at least 30seconds to a minute. You may finish the collage up by adding ribbons at the sides to artistically frame the visual. You may also want to paint or write at the spaces or on the fabrics to add a touch of creativity. There are really no boundaries with what you can still do with it once you’ve finished the collage. Limitations of creativity only depend upon the artist.
  • Display or give away. You may frame the collage to ensure that the work of art is preserved. You can hang it in your room as a reminder of your over-flowing artistry. You can also display it for everyone to see and envy. Last, you may give it as a gift to someone very special. The labor of love is priceless.


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