How To Make a Fabric Corsage

Making a fabric corsage can be very simple, all you need is a few straps of fabric, felt, silk or lace and you can make a very nice corsage. The materials you need to make a fabric corsage are:

  • a compass
  • a pen or marker
  • 2” backing
  • needle and thread or a sewing machine
  • and scissors

The first thing you need is a scrap of material, preferably silk. Take the compass and make a circle of a 2 ½’ diameter. Then cut out the circle. Next take the marker and draw spirals coming out from the center all the way up to the outer edge of the circle.

The next thing to do is to cut out ¼” strips out of the other material. Take the strips and sew them along the spiral lines on the inside of the circle. You can use a sewing machine to do this, but if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can sew it by hand. Each edge you make will be the edges on the fabric corsage.

Next whip stitch the edges so that it doesn’t look frayed. Scrunch up the edges so it looks like a real flower. If you have scrapbooking scissors with the different types of cuts on them, you can also decorate the edges of the corsage with the scissors. It will make it look very fancy. A fabric corsage can also be made to go on the wrist. It is the traditional, old fashioned way but it is still classy. The way to do that version is to put elastic string through the bottom of the corsage so it can fit on the wrist.

If you want to make a bigger corsage you just need to make the original circle bigger and add more layers to it. Whatever your taste is, you can add your own touch. Proms and other school events are a ways away, so you do have enough time to create the perfect corsage for that perfect event. If you have a sewing machine, it can take less than an hour to do two of them. If you are sewing by hand it may take a little longer.

You can always make these corsages and store them in plastic until the big day comes and they will be in great shape. You can use so many different types of material to make your piece special, so be creative.


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