How To Make a Fairy Princess Crown

Every little girl loves to dress up like a fairy princess and wait for the day her prince will come. A fairy princess has to look the part, right down the beautiful, diamond studded crown. A crown is even more special, when the fairy princess gets to help design and decorate it.

You will need some supplies before beginning your princess crown. Scissors, cardboard or poster board, clear glue, jewels, glitter, crayons or markers, and clear tape.

  • To start with you will need a piece of cardboard, or if you want it a little lighter, you can use a poster board material.
  • The length of the flattened crown should be big enough to sit on the princess’s head. Use a measuring tape to get an accurate measurement. Do not measure around the head, otherwise the crown may slide down around the princess's head. The crown should be small enough to sit just above the forehead line.
  • Use a pencil to draw out the crown on the cardboard. You can use a piece of the poster board or even a newspaper to make a stencil or pattern first. Use a ruler to draw a flat edge, or line up against the bottom of the paper. An uneven edge will cause the crown to sit crooked on the princess’s head.
  • Draw at least one spike or triangle shape in the middle of the crown, on the top side. This will be the center of the crown that will go directly above the forehead. If you want to add more spikes, feel free to do so. The spike should be at least two to three inches high.
  • Cut out the pattern, paying close attention to the edges of the triangles.
  • You can choose to color you princess crown with crayons or markers. For a more dazzling look apply glue to the entire front of the crown, and sprinkle with glitter. You can also use a metallic spray paint to make a gold or silver crown.
  • Allow the glue and glitter to dry. Then apply jewels to the triangular area or anywhere else on the crown you would like. Use your imagination, and decorate the crown in a fashion that is suitable for a fairy princess.
  • When the crown has completely dried, use heavy duty clear packing tape, to hold the ends together. You can also glue them together, or use staples.

You now have the perfect fairy princess crown, that will complement any outfit.


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