How To Make a Family Feud Game

Family Feud is a popular television game show involving two competing families. The object of the game is to give correct responses to questions previously answered through a survey of a hundred respondents. The family that guesses more answers based on the survey wins the game. A lot of people, young and old, have found this game to be so enjoyable and a great way to pass the time not only with family, but with friends as well. If you are looking for fun things to do on any occasion where you have people gathered together, the family feud game is something you can put together. Here’s how to do it.

  • Gather your materials. You will need 6 pieces of poster boards, 4 white ones and 2 colored ones, some note cards, a marker, stapler and staples or tape, and prizes for the winners.
  • Prepare your questions. Collect nine questions following the style of the television game and include their answers and the number of people who responded to each these answers. You can get these questions and answers from the television show or from online family feud games. You will have two rounds for these nine questions, divided to four for the regular round and five for the fast money round. On one side of your poster board, you will need to list down the answers to your questions placing the corresponding points beside each answer. You will be using one poster board per round excluding the fast money round. List down your questions on your note cards. Cover up your answers with strips of colored paper, either taped on or stapled. You will need to rip them off when a correct answer is given. The questions and answers for the fast money round must be written on your note cards. You will have to inform the players of the number of points they get for each answer and get the sum of all these points.
  • Scoring method. The score keeper must make a note of each team’s points for every round. For round one and round two, points are counted the usual way. Double up the amount of points in round three and triple them up on the 4th round. To win, the team must be able to score the highest points on the 4th round.
  • Rules of the game. You will need 10 players with 5 members for each team. A member of both teams advances, one person at a time, to give an answer. If a high score is achieved, the winning member has the option to either pass or continue playing. Both teams are allowed 3 strikes each before a steal can be done by the opposing team. To proceed to the next round, the team must score the most points after the 4th round. To play the fast money round, 2 members are selected from the team. Both will play one at a time with the other member kept so he does not hear the answer of the playing member. If both members are able to score 200 points between them, they get to win the game.

Give out prizes to the winners to give them extra motivation to win. These prizes do not have to be expensive as this is all in the spirit of fun. The family feud game will surely keep you and your family and friends happily occupied, no matter what the occasion. Be sure to include it on your next gathering and have a totally enjoyable time.


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