How To Make a Fashion Pin for a Fundraiser

Fashionable costume jewelry for a fundraising event must be quick and easy to make. The supplies needed should be readily available or inexpensive to purchase in order to make a profit.

Supplies should be purchased in bulk, if possible, to save even more money. The ones you will need for this project are: Costume jewelry pin backs, pre-cut wood pieces, craft paint, and a good glue, such as E6000 or hot glue. The wood shapes can be purchased in almost all craft shops.

These handmade jewelry pins will be the star of the show.

These will be initial pins in assorted shapes. Circles, squares, rectangles and other fashion pin shapes are available, including many holiday shapes. Personalized items are very popular.

Gather your supplies. Spread your work area or table with 2 sheets of newspaper. Decide how many of each initial you will need. Paint each of the shapes in whatever color you prefer. In some cases it may take two coats. It's best to work assembly line style by painting one side of the pieces and laying them out on the newspaper.

When the paint has dried, turn them over and paint the other side. Lay them back on the paper to dry. Be sure all the edges are painted. You can also paint the edges of this unique jewelry in a contrasting color.

If you are not skilled in lettering or calligraphy, you may be able to find a book on the lettering styles, or go into your computer and print out the alphabet, in upper and lower case letters, in the font you would like to use. Use these letters as a guide. The initials will usually be black, but use any color that looks good. You can use paint pens or simply use craft paint and a very small brush to make the initials.

Once both sides of the jewelry pins have dried completely, spray them front and back with a light spray of varnish, glaze or lacquer. If any pieces of newspaper get stuck, just scrape it off and touch up the pin with fresh paint.

When all the pieces are completely dry, attach a jewelry pin back to each one. Use hot glue or E6000 for the most secure hold.

If you're working with a group of people, set up an assembly line to complete these fashion jewelry brooches. Take a break or work on another project while you wait for the pieces to dry.


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