How To Make a Fiber Optic Table

I have always loved the look of fiber optic lighting. Fiber optic lighting is used in many different ways. You may have seen fiber optic centerpieces in stores or fiber optic Christmas trees during the holiday season, all of which can be very beautiful. But, did you know that you could also have a fiber optic dining or coffee table? Follow these steps to make your own fiber optic table.

  1. First you will need to gather the materials. These include, two inch thick plywood, table saw, quarter inch thick glass, phillips screw driver, screws, jigsaw, varied colors of fiber optic ribbons, battery operated indoor illuminator, 0.1mm drill bit, screw gun, hammer and nails, dual sided tape, wood stain, PVC columns, sand paper and steel strap.
  2. Now determine the size which you would like the surface of your table to be, measure and cut a piece of plywood to that size. Remember, a good rule of thumb to follow is, measure twice, cut once!
  3. Next, using a jigsaw, form a cutout in the center of your table surface, leaving approximately three to five inches of the plywood framing the cutout area. Sand down the tabletop frame and stain the wood.
  4. Then cut two more pieces of plywood to the length of your cutout by four inches deep. Cut another two pieces of plywood to the width of your cutout by four inches deep. Using nails or screws, put these four pieces of plywood together, forming a box.
  5. On one of the shorter sides of the box, drill several one inch holes, as many as possible. Then, using screws or nails, secure the box to the underside of your table surface, directly under the opening you cut out.
  6. Thread the fiber optic ribbons into the one inch holes drilled into the box. Make sure the ribbons lay flat in the box, fasten them down with the dual sided tape if necessary. Fasten the ends of the ribbons to your illuminator. Use a steel strap and some screws to securely fasten the illuminator to the underside of your table surface.
  7. Set your table surface atop two PVC columns. These will act as the legs of your table so the height of them should be so that it gives the desired height of your table. Secure together with screws.
  8. Finally, place a piece of glass, the same size as your entire table surface, atop your table to complete the project.


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