How To Make a Finger Joint

Finger joints are not really joints that go on your fingers. They are called this because they look like interlaced fingers. They are actually joints that you find on some wooden boxes. This type of joint is held together by glue. There are certain projects that work best when finger joints are used. This is how a finger joint is made.

You need a table saw stacked dado and you want to set it to miter gauge. You also need a piece of plywood, scrap board, a screw driver, and wood screws. Don't forget the boards to be jointed, and you will also need a sander or sandpaper.

  1. The first thing you want to do is adjust the stacked dado set to the width that you need the finger joint to be.
  2. Take your scrap piece of wood or plywood and put it on your miter, and have it go past the blade and the left side of the gauge.
  3. When you have squared the saw to the blade run it through.
  4. Take the scrap piece of wood out. Cut a peg and make it twice, since what you want are the pieces that are to fit through the notch which you cut into the piece of wood. 
  5. Take a wood screw to keep the peg in place. Then replace the scrap of plywood in the miter gauge to the right this time, and twice the width of the blades.  In other words, if the blades are at 3/4 of an inch, then you have to attach the wood scrap at 11/4 inch to the right of the original attachment.
  6. Take your work piece and set it so that the first cut will take a chunk out that is the width of interlaced fingers. This is the blade's width.  If the blade is set to 3/4 inch, then you want to set the piece in such a way that the notch cut is 3/4 inch.
  7. Take the notch that you just did and place it over the peg that you placed in the scrap plywood so that you can make your second cut. Make the second cut over the peg and continue in the same way until you finish the piece.
  8. Take the second board and do the same thing, but make your first cut while the board rests against the peg that you put in the scrap plywood. Then sand it all down and make it all fit together.


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