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Here is a fun and fairly easy fish costume that you can make!  I made it for my son, and it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself! Sure, you can buy costumes at the store, but they're not nearly as unique! Homemade costumes are a great way to save money and add some creativity to your fish costumes.

First of all, in order to make your fish costume, you will need several supplies.  You will need solid blue clothing.  You will need a hooded sweatshirt, and some sort of pants so that the whole outfit is blue.  I just got a set of sweatpants and a sweatshirt in my son's size.  It really helped make the costume look terrific and not homemade.  You will also need an old vest that you do not care if it gets destroyed.

The next step in making your fish costume is go to Michaels or whatever craft store you have nearby.  You will want to buy a bunch of foam sheets.  They also have them at most Walmart stores.  They come in may colors and are easy to cut with regular scissors.  You will also want to buy craft glue because it works best.  You also might want to buy foam sheets with sticky backs in white and black.  This kind of foam is great because you peel off the backing and it's like one huge sticker.  I got foam in light blue, blue, turquoise and a green color to make scales, and these color looked great together.

So, now you are ready to start making the fish costume!  First of all, make the head of the fish.  The head really makes the costume complete, and it is easy to do!  Cut out eyeballs in white, and you can make the pupils our of black foam.  Just glue these to the sides of the hoodie.  Then, practice on one sheet drawing the shape of a scale.  When you think it looks right, cut it out and use it to make a bunch of scales all that same size.  Staple or glue the scales all-over the vest in an overlapping pattern, covering the whole thing.  Finally, make a fin to put hanging at the very bottom of the vest.  Voila!  You have finished your homemade fish costume!

You can work with your kids or friends so that everyone is involved in the project. I thought it would be hard and time consuming to make my own costume, but it wasn't!  I highly this activity to anyone who wants to make one for Halloween or has to make a fish costume for your child's play.


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