How To Make a Fish Swivel Bracelet

The fishing department is the place to start shopping for materials to make a fish swivel bracelet, or you might find fish swivels as nearby as your own tackle box. Making bracelets with fish swivels and beads is an inexpensive, easy and fun project for individuals or groups of kids. To get started with the basic bracelet you will need the following items:

  • Fish Swivels (Size #10 Safety Snap, Non-Lead)
  • Seed Beads  (6 per swivel)
  • Metal Clasps (Various Sizes)
  • Needle-Nose Pliers (Optional)

A fish swivel is a small metal device with two rings connected to a pivoting joint. The pivoting joint can be found in ball, barrel and cylinder type shapes. Fish swivels generally come in three colors—brass/gold, silver or black—and in different snap styles.

  1. The easiest snap style to use for making fish swivel bracelets is the basic safety snap. Choose any type of pivoting joint and color you desire to reflect your personal flair for your bracelet. It takes about 5-6 swivels for small children and 7-10 swivels for the average teenage or adult wrist size. Do not use lead fishing gear, and buy size 10.
  2. Seed beads are necessary to fit on these tiny swivels. Buy metal clasps to make it easy to take the bracelet on and off. These items can be found in a variety of colors at fabric, craft or jewelry making supply stores.
  3. Start by opening the snap of your first swivel. Bend to straighten it a bit so the beads will slide easily around the corner. Some people may need to use pliers.
  4. Place three beads. You can use patterns of color or all the same color—the sky is the limit with bead choice.
  5. Slide your second swivel on, connecting the small circular end—not the snap end.
  6. Place three more beads on, using the same pattern. Close the snap.
  7. Open the next swivel snap and repeat until bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist. On the last swivel, instead of adding a new swivel, add your metal clasp—connecting through its small circular end. Then add the last three beads and close the snap.

Try on your personally designed fish swivel bracelet and admire. Make more to share with friends or as gifts. The designs you can create are endless, and you can add charms or pendants to spice them up. Make a necklace or anklet to match your fishing swivel bracelet.


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