How To Make a Flower Girl Head Piece

The flower girl has become a tradition in many wedding settings as she precedes the bride, setting down a layer of flower petals or carrying a bouquet of flowers herself.  Often, the flower girl is dressed to resemble the bride's attire, including a headpiece.  These can be store-bought already pre-made, or you can easily make one yourself for a personalized touch to the wedding procession.

To get started, most - if not all - of the supplies can be gathered at a craft store, making the project efficient and cost-effective.  You'll need scissors, florist wire, a glue gun with glue sticks, wire cutters and needlenose pliers, floral tape and silk flowers of your choice, as well as at least four yards of ribbon.  After all of the supplies have been gathered together, it's time to get started.

First, take the florist wire and wrap it around the circumference of the flower girl's head, making sure it's snug but not unduly so.  Once you have the length of the headpiece halo, cut the wire, but make sure to leave an extra little bit on each end of the wire.  Those little bits on the end of the wire now need to be bent into a small hook-and-eye closure shape, using the needlenose pliers.  Now you have a completed wire halo to work with.

Next, wrap the floral tape around the stem of the wire, to avoid it cutting into the flower girl's head when in place.  After the wire has been wrapped, attach the silk or plastic flowers to the wire with more floral tape, making sure that the tape-wrapped stem wire is mostly unnoticeable. After the flowers are secured in place, use the hot glue gun to glue them to the wire permanently.  The whole wire should be covered with flowers by now, and unmoving.

Finally, use the ribbon to make streamers off the back of the headpiece.  Knot the ribbon at different spots along the length of the headpiece, and trim the ends to the desired length.  You now have ribbons and flowers along a decorative piece of wire, so place it on the flower girl's head and make adjustments as necessary.  Items other than flowers or ivy can be added to the headpiece, as well - remember, it's your own creation and unique to the wedding party only, so be creative!  Items related to the wedding, such as small bells or birds, can also be added amongst the flowers.


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