How To Make a Football Display Case

Limited edition commemorative footballs are every football fanatic's most prized possession. Making a football display case is one way of making sure that this very important memorabilia is protected for years to come.

  1. Have all the materials needed for making a football display case ready. Acquire enough sheets of clear acrylic plastic from the hardware store. Clear acrylic plastic sheets of 1/8 inch thickness are ideal for this project. Next is to buy a tube of industrial strength glue specifically made to bind acrylic plastics. Of course, you will need a wood or metal saw with teeth that are not too fine as well. If you want to set the football display case on wood, then buy one with your choice of thickness. A bottle of varnish for wood finishing will also be a good idea.
  2. Cut the acrylic plastic into appropriate dimensions. Measure the dimensions of the commemorative football first. If this is of regulation size, then the circumference around the football's widest points should be at 8 inches while its length at 12 inches. Now, cut out 4 acrylic plastic sheets with areas of at least 9 inches in width and 13 inches in length. Make the size bigger if you want the football display case to be larger.
  3. Join the clear plastic acrylic sheets together. Put sufficient amounts of glue onto the edge of one plastic acrylic. Do the same for another plastic acrylic sheet. Wait for the glue to settle and slightly dry before joining the two acrylic plastic sheets together. Perform the same procedure for the remaining acrylic plastic sheets to finally make a rectangular box. Leave this to completely dry up.
  4. Cut out plastic acrylic sheets for the top and bottom of the display case. Get the rectangular box and trace its top and bottom parts onto the remaining acrylic plastic sheet. Cut these out and glue them onto their respective positions. Cut out the appropriate size of wood sheet if you want use one for the base of the football display case. Apply varnish on the wood first and leave to dry completely before you glue the rectangular display case onto it.
  5. Fix the football into the display case. If you want the football to be permanently stored in the display case, then you can utilize the same industrial glue for the purpose. If not, then you can just use the non-permanent type of white glue used for making handicrafts.

Use of protective eye goggles and face mask are advisable especially when sawing materials such as acrylic plastic and wood.


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