How To Make a Funeral Flower Arrangement

If you have worked for a florist for even a week, you no doubt have seen many orders called in or dropped off for arrangements designed for delivery to one of the local funeral homes in your area.  Wedding flower arrangements are fun, sacred, whimsical, and inspiring.  Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day arrangements boast lots of red, reflecting the passion of the day.  In contrast, funeral flower arrangements must be customized in a way no other flower arrangement is designed. 

2Understand this going in: many customers who order funeral flower arrangements simply want to pay their respects, and do not have any particular concern about the flowers or colors incorporated.  In such cases, it is your responsibility to deliver an arrangement that bespeaks solemnity, respect, and perhaps, hope.  Darker colors exude a fitting sense of grief, giving the arrangement a somber attitude.  A few sprigs or blossoms of white among the darker tones will draw the mourners’ attention, and remind them that there is always hope of something greater, more lasting in the midst of the sense of loss. 

When family or close friends come in to place an order, taking a few moments to converse with them about their loved one will give you the insight you need to create an arrangement that will be the perfect touch on a difficult day.  Ask about favorite flowers, or at least favorite colors.  Ask about the attire their loved one will be wearing for the viewing, and coordinate colors that will blend well with the suit or dress in question.  If you are able to construct an arrangement that incorporates the loved one’s favorite flowers and colors, matches the clothes in which they are dressed, and meets their budget, you will produce a funeral arrangement that will be long remembered by the family.

When putting together a funeral arrangement, it is important to work within the budget of the person making the purchase.  As you know, the flowers you offer range in price quite a bit.  Ask the customer not only how much they would like to spend on the arrangement – which is the standard question asked by florists.  But also give the customer numerical options of blossoms that may be used within that price range.  For example, a dozen carnations will cost about the same as 4 roses, or two exotic orchids. 

Their personal taste will determine whether they want to choose a large number of inexpensive flowers to create a lavish look, or a smaller number of blossoms to create a tasteful, understated look of quality.  With a little care and creativity, you will be able to put together a unique, one of a kind arrangement that will be deeply appreciated by the family and friends of the one whose life is being remembered, respected, and celebrated.


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