How To Make a Gerber Daisy Wedding Bouquet

Gerber or Gerbera daisies are a member of the sunflower family.  Gerber daisies are known for their long petals, bright colors, and distinctive centers.  The design possibilities are endless with so many different colors to choose from.  Gerber daisies come in bright white, hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, light pink, dark red, orange, light yellow, bright yellow, deep gold, and peach.

You will need daisies, filler foliage, greens, floral tape, coordinating ribbon, ball straight pins, and scissors for this project.

Filler Foliage
Filler foliage is used between the flowers in the bouquet to add color and texture.  Common filler is Baby's Breath or Purple Misty. For a unique look, experiment with fillers like pansies, miniature roses, tulips, or dahlias.

There are many types of plants to choose for greens in your bouquet.  Try begonia leaves, all types of ferns, hydrangeas, camellia leaves, rosemary, bamboo leaves, or ivy.  Don't be afraid to use something extraordinary for greens.

How to make your Gerber wedding bouquet
Choose your Gerber daisies, fillers, and greens.  Decide the size your bouquet will be and you are ready to start making your Gerber wedding bouquet.

Cut two pieces of sticky floral tape 6 to 8 inches long.  Work with flowers that are close to room temperature (cold flower stems snap easily).  Start with your first Gerber daisy (your center flower). Build your bouquet by adding a daisy one at a time in a spiral around the center flower placing each flower you add slightly lower than the flower before.  When you have created the desired size for your bouquet it is time to add the filler.

Slide the filler between the Gerber daisies one piece at a time without crowding the flowers. Remember, filler is an accent.  Once the filler is in place add greens around the bottom of the bouquet tucking them up high under the Gerber daisies.

Make adjustments to the placement of fillers or greens.  Once you are happy with the look, wrap the first piece of floral tape around the stems just under the greens.  Wrap the second piece of tape around the stems about 4 inches below the first tape.  Use scissors to trim the stems to the desired length.

Cut a length of ribbon and wrap the ribbon 2 or 3 times around over the top of the first piece of tape and continue winding the ribbon down the stem to cover the second piece of tape.  Cut the ribbon and fold the end under to hide the raw edge.  Use ball straight pins on a slant to pin the ribbon end making sure the pins do not stick through the other side of the stems.  Add a bow if desired to your Gerber wedding bouquet.


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