How To Make a Glass Craft Bottle

Decorated bottle

Colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. Jewels, diamonds, cut-outs, stars, hearts, and stones. Stained, etched, and mosaic. These are words that would probably pop into your mind when you read the title of this article. Indeed, they give us ideas as to how to make a glass craft bottle.

Your home may be cluttered with used glasses and bottles. We can still use these bottles. If you do not have used bottles, you may buy them at a very affordable price for our project- a glass craft bottle. Glass craft bottles are good knick-knacks to decorate your rooms. They can be used as holders for a lot of stuff. They could be used as decorations themselves even without anything in them. Making them would also be a fun activity to do with the young ones.

Follow these easy steps to make your very own glass craft bottle:

  1. Create the design. Visualize or draw your intended designs. If you can carry out your thought even while working, you will not need to draw. But if you want definiteness in your design, draw it on a piece of paper, and if possible use the actual colors you want to use in the glass craft bottle itself.
  2. Prepare materials. Preparation of materials would ensure that you work smoothly and that you complete your glass craft bottle. Prepare your materials for the work you are about to do. Make sure you have materials ready when you need them.  You would need a glass bottle, plastic or acrylic craft jewels, shapes, and cut-outs or any other decorations you could think of, craft glue, a glass cutter, soap and water, nail polish remover, paint if needed, thin tie wires if needed, gloves, and safety goggles.
  3. Clean the bottle. The bottle is the main material for this project. It is where the decorations will be glued. So make sure it is clean. By using the nail polish remover, erase paint that you do not want in the design. But be careful when using this solution. It may affect the colors of other materials. Remove glued paper labels on the bottle. For this, a simple soaking in soapy water would do the trick. After this, dry the bottle thoroughly.
  4. Decorate. When the bottle is dry, use the clear craft glue to stick the materials to the bottle according to the design. Start from the bottom up. In that way the glue on the objects at the bottom would dry out first. This will give you a proper sequence in the work. You may also use the glass cutter if you need to cut the glass bottle. If you have to stain the glass, this will have to be done first. Faux stain would look great as an accent to the bottle design. Mind that you do not have to decorate the outside alone. Glass craft bottles may also be stuffed. Instead of decorating the exterior of the glass, you may stuff the bottle with colorful materials. That would look just as great.
  5. Dry it out. Once done with the decorations, let the bottle stand until the glue is already dried out. This will make sure that the decorations are strongly attached.

After this you may use the glass craft bottle either as a jar or vase or a holder. This will be a very dainty accent to your table or cabinet. Now, you know how to make a glass craft bottle.


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