How To Make a Graduation Invitation

Photo of graduation photo

Why spend a lot on a graduation invitation and graduation parties when you can save by doing it yourself? All you need is good graduation stationery with carefully chosen graduation wording. Aside from coming up with a unique invitation, you can also show your distinct style and personality. There are lots of styles that you can choose from not only in your local stores but on the net as well.

It just takes a little creativity and resourcefulness to come up with a graduation invitation of your own. To help you on how to make a graduation invitation, here are a few pointers and tips that you can consider.

Easy-Print Graduation Invitation

Tools needed:

  • Graphics program or printable invitation software
  • Graduation pictures or any personal photo
  • Clip art
  • Scissors
  • Glue or any adhesive
  • Craft paper or any hard, fine card or graduation stationery

How to do it:

  1. Making a graduation invitation for graduation parties right from your printer is easy and fast. First thing that you need is to have the software that can help you in making the invitations. There are several software and graphic programs that can be downloaded from the net for free.
  2. Now that it has been installed, take time to choose from the free invitation samples or graphics design until you finally come up with the design that you like.
  3. Aside from the invitation template, you can include your own graduation picture or any picture of yours and have it designed with clip arts and letter stencils to style the graduation wording.
  4. To adjust the color and size along with the text size and font style of the graduation wording, you can go to the print details. See to it that you save the changes.
  5. Better have a test print of your graduation announcement to see if there is a need for any revisions. You can try it on one of the graduation stationery. After doing so, you can cut it out to be pasted on the hard card.

Editing the Graduation Photo

Of course, the photo must look good, and simply using a photo editing software can do that. If you don't have time to have it installed or downloaded, "Paint" can instead be used since it comes as standard on all computers. This is a good choice if you have to extract a certain part from a photo such as a photo of yours from a group picture.

Aside from "Paint,” you can use the Microsoft Picture Manager, which is also a standard part of the Microsoft Office tools. This will allow you to resize the picture and make it bigger or smaller. Aside from these tools, you can browse the net for more options.

Some printers can be used not only in editing photos but in making the invitations as well, although you may have to add on pictures and other crafts. You can check out their manuals and guides for further instructions, since each printer has its own guidelines on how to do it.

Aside from the computers and printers, you can use other crafting tools such as a fancy edged scissors, beads, border punchers, glitter sprays and a lot more. All it takes is your imagination and creativity to come up with a unique invitation.


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