How To Make a Great Gift for Under $20

Baskets have always been a welcome gift for any occasion.  They are fairly reasonable to buy at any craft shop or you can acquire them at any thrift or garage sales for pennies on the dollar and when decorated, they make the perfect gift.

After you have found the perfect basket to use,

  1. Fill the basket with bath items from a dollar store, They carry many different fragrances and types of bath products.
  2. Fill the basket with fruit from a fruit stand or farmers market. You can get fruit there at reasonable prices.
  3. If you are into refunding or used to getting items for free, fill the basket with those items that people would normally use on a daily basis such as toothpaste, deodorant etc.  These items will save the receiver money from having to purchase these items themselves.
  4. Save those sample items we all get all year long and put them in the basket. You can sign up to receive samples online or by mail.
  5. Coupons and discounts for restaurants and gift cards make for a wonderful gift for under $20.00.  Most people belong to web sites that offer free gift cards just for clicking on a link.  Sign up now for those sites and start collecting for your next gift basket.
  6. Does the person like to sew?  If they do, they probably will need pins and thread replenished in their sewing basket.  You can place these in a basket and give as a gift.  Most sewing centers sell these items rather inexpensive.  Place coupons for the store they love to frequent in there as a bonus.
  7. Candy is another great gift all year round.  You can get all kinds of candy rather inexpensive and again, most coupons and free offers can be found on the internet.
  8. Spices are another great idea not only for the holidays when everyone bakes, but any time of the year for cooking.  Most super center food chains carry spices in plastic jars that can be bought for under 1.00.
  9. Stationery items such as pens, pencils, notepads are also  great basket items for under $20.  If creative, make your own notepads by personalizing them on your home printer.
  10. Plants make wonderful gifts.  Use a basket, lining the bottom with plastic and place a cutting of a plant or small plant inside.  They can watch it grow and it will remind them of you throughout the year.

There are so many ways to show someone you care and are thinking of them at any time of the year, whether for the holidays, birthdays or just because you care.

Watch as all the compliments come pouring in.


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