How To Make a Halo Mii on the Wii

Those into playing interactive video games through the Wii console will most likely be into creating personalized characters called Mii. These characters, or more popularly known as avatars in the gaming world, can be created using a special program called the Mii creator.

  1. Access the Mii Channel through the main Wii menu. Use you Wii remote to choose any of the options from the menu on the screen. Point the Wii remote to the second option, the Mii Channel, and press the button A on the remote.
  2. Select the Start option to finally go into Mii Plaza. Again, direct your Wii remote to the item Start displayed on the screen. You will then need to select Mii Plaza and then New Mii.
  3. Start making your very own Halo Mii. Once you select New Mii, you will be prompted to select the gender of your Mii. Since you will be making a Halo Mii on the Wii, then you will need to select the male gender.
  4. Configure the Halo Mii's facial shape according to your preference. A lot of options are provided on Mii Creator for this very purpose. First, you may want to choose a shirt color for your Halo Mii. Now, for the facial shape and other features, select the third icon on the uppermost portion of the Mii Creator screen. In here, you can select the shape of the face for your Halo Mii. You can even change the skin tone of your Halo Mii in this section.
  5. Select the beanie for your Halo Mii's hair. Now, using your Wii remote, select the fourth icon to open a palette full of options for your Halo Mii's hair. Look for the beanie option from the palette and select it using the remote. Change the beanie's color to match the color of your Halo Mii's shirt.
  6. Configure the facial features of your Halo Mii. First would be to choose from any of the options presented on the eyebrows menu. Make sure that the eyebrows are positioned just right underneath where the beanie rests on the forehead. Select from the gallery of noses and eyes as well. Finally, add some beard and mustache on your Halo Mii's face by selecting from the facial hair gallery.

Now, to finally complete the look of your Halo Mii, simply use the Wii remote to drag and expand the beard up to a point where it reaches the side edges of the beanie. This action should make the beard look like a part of the beanie to create that helmet look for your Halo Mii.


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