How To Make a Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquets are a beautiful part of bridal attire, and so every consideration should be taken to make sure that it reflects the beauty of the bride's dress and accessories. Making a thoughtful hand-tied bridal bouquet can be an inexpensive means to have a beautiful floral arrangement for that special day.

The supplies for this project include double sided satin ribbon, pearl pins, green sticky floral tape, fresh flowers and ferns if desired, and some baby's breath. If cost is an issue, silk substitutes can be found and used with equally stunning results.

In selecting flowers, and baby's breath, make sure that they are the freshest possible and the stems are healthy and green. The blooms should be upright, have good color and no mold or bruising should be present. Select a center bloom that is fully opened and symmetrical. It will be the one that builds the bouquet. Place the center bloom directly upright and proceed to add coordinating blooms around the center bloom in a circular and symmetrical fashion. Turn the progressing bouquet as flowers are added to make sure there is a ball shape and dimension to the bouquet. Baby's breath can be added intermittently and evenly dispersed throughout the piece. Once, the bouquet is at its desired shape and dimension, fern backing can be added. Again this should be done asymmetrically.  Once the basic bouquet is completed, snip the stems to the desired length with florist shears at an angle straight across for uniformity. There should be no greenery on the stems.

The next step is to wrap the stem with double-sided satin ribbon. Satin ribbon is a good choice because it is available in many colors and can be easily purchased in fabric stores and craft departments at most stores. Begin tightly wrapping the ribbon in a downward direction on the diagonal, making sure the entire stem handle is covered. Smooth the ribbon as you go. Wrap the ribbon down the entire length and leave three inches of fabric left. Snip the fabric with scissors. Tuck the folded end of the ribbon along the stem and place the pearl pins along the edge, securing the fabric to the stem. Make sure to run a finger along the stem so that the pins are not sticking through the fabric. The pearl pins should go through the stem as well as the fabric.

The finished product then needs to be stored in the refrigerator, in a plastic bag so that it will not wilt or show wear and tear. This project should be done no more than twenty-four hours before the ceremony.

A hand-tied bridal bouquet can be a wonderful affordable accessory and can be done with minimal effort and maximum beauty.


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