How To Make a Hat Using Crochet

Crocheting is a great hobby especially for people who have a lot of spare time or for those who just want to have a productive hobby. Crocheting hats is an example. A lot of moms are into this but if you don't know how to do it, read books or get resources from the Internet and learn to crochet like an expert. There are a lot of reasons for you to learn how to crochet but for someone who is a newbie, how to get going can become tricky.  When you start to learn how to do it, you will encounter a lot of challenges as you go on. 

As you continue to read this, you will discover a step by step guide in making a hat using crochet but here is a tip: Using a hook that is bigger will create looser stitches, whereas using a hook which is smaller will create stiffer stitches and consequently, results to a stiffer and warmer hot. The things that you will need are the following:

  • Yarn or thread, pick a color. It is ideal to keep colors in similar weight.
  • Crochet hooks.

In making a hat using crochet, follow these steps:

  1. You can make use of a G hook in making your hat. A basic crochet hat can fit an adult.
  2. Get the thread. One roll of thread is enough.
  3. Get a crochet hook with the ideal size and dimension for the thread.
  4. The round will be where you will start your stitches.
  5. Keep on doing this until the round reaches the ideal size or until the round is as big as your head top.
  6. Stitch increasing should be discontinued gradually. Perform two stitches alternately on the loop for a few rounds instead of two crochet for each loop, until your hat or your round fits your head comfortably. After this, the amount of rounds that you will create will establish height.
  7. Crochet enough rounds until it can now touch the ears.
  8. Try and fit your crocheted hat.
  9. You can now start making the brim by increasing your rounds.

You can follow these simple steps in making hats. If you want to create a different pattern like a scarf perhaps, you can look for instructions, or you can use your imagination and experiment. Crocheting is best learned from your grandmother or other experienced female relative, preferably with a plate of cookies on hand!

Teaching yourself can get confusing at some point. The Internet also gives you a few great places for a starter or a newbie to start. You can watch videos on to learn the basics or the fundamentals of crochet. The moment you are comfortable with a number of basic stitches and patterns, you can advance to a more complex pattern. You have to remember that this hobby needs patience and perseverance. Make sure that you don't get frustrated right away.  Following these guidelines will make crocheting as easy as ABC.


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