How To Make a Hobby Horse

Making a hobby horse may sound like a complicated endeavor, but it really can be quite easy with these simple instructions.

The materials needed are: 1. material for the horses head, felt is good, ivory looks good 2. brown felt for the eyes 3. felt for ears (same as horse's head) 4. contrast material for the ears, fleece is good  4. (2) googly eyes 5. glue 6. yarn 7. batting 8. dowel stick of your choice, you can size it to your child. 9. sewing machine. 10. hot glue gun.

  1. First, cut 2 pieces of the horse material in the shape of a horse's head. Then, prepare the eyes. Cut 2 pieces of brown felt into the shape of an eye. Glue the felt eye shapes on each side of the horse's head. You can let your child help. Then glue a googly eye on the felt on each of the horse's head shape.
  2. Next, match up the two horses heads and double stitch around the edges, leaving the bottom open.
  3. Then, cut out the ear shapes. Cut 2 ear shapes out of the felt that you used for the horses head. Cut 2 ear shapes out of your fleece contrasting material. For each ear, match up 1 felt shape with one contrasting fleece shape and sew around the edges. Cut a slit in the horses head where you want the ears to be. Stick the ears inside the slit, turn the horse's head inside out and stitch the ears into the horse's head. Then turn the horse's head right side out.
  4. Next, create 4 piles of 30 pieces of yarn cut at about 7" long or however length you like. Tie them up at one side with yarn. At 1 1/2" above the eyes cut (8) 1/2" vertical slits spaced 1/2" apart. Put 1 bunch of yarn through the first two slits. Then put the other bunches of yarn through the rest of the slits for the mane.
  5. Now for the dowel, tie a little felt around the edge that you will insert into the head so it wont poke through the material. Fill the head halfway with the batting. Place the dowel into the head. Fill the horse's head the rest of the way.
  6. To close the horse's neck, use a hot glue gun to put glue on the dowel. Then press the material onto the stick. You can then use a hot glue gun to glue ribbon around the bottom of the horse's neck and down the dowel to where you think it looks good. Glue the ribbon where you decide to stop onto the dowel. You can then tie a ribbon around the nose for the bridle.

That completes your hobby horse.


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