How To Make a Homemade Photo Mini-Studio

Some budding photographers rent studio time in order to take pictures. This can be pretty expensive and you would have to stick to a strict schedule in order to get all the shots that you want and need before the studio time is over. An alternative to this is making your own mini-studio setup at home. This will save you more money and you have all the time to set up. Follow the simple instructions provided below to know how to make your own homemade photo mini-studio.

Here are the instructions that you can follow to know how you can make your own homemade photo mini-studio:

  • Materials you need. You will need a few materials to set up your own photo mini-studio. You can find most of these items at home. You will need boxes, cardboard, 3 desk lamps, tape, tracing paper and scissors. You can also use plain or patterned blankets as background for the studio. The choice is up to you.
  • Cut cardboard boxes. Cut the sides and top part of the cardboard box. When you cut, just follow the perimeter inside each side of the box. These holes will serve as the main frame for your mini-studio. You can use a cutter if the box is too hard to cut with scissors.
  • Put tracing paper. Measure how much tracing paper you will need for each side of the box that you need to cover. Stretch the tracing paper over the holes that you cut out and secure it with scotch tape. The sheet of tracing paper can help diffuse the light when you are setting up the lamps.
  • Set up background. Use the blankets or fabric that you have as background. Position it at the back of the box and secure the sheet with a staple gun or pins to secure the background in place. The most basic background you can use is a plain white or black sheet.
  • Set up lights. Use the lamps that you have to set up the lighting. It will help if you have a test subject such as a figurine or a stuffed toy. Place your test subject inside the box as you position the lights to help you see how to adjust the lights to achieve the kind of lighting that you want.
  • Experiment. Move the lamps in different positions so that you can experiment with the lighting and achieve different types of pictures. You can also study different light setups to eliminate harsh shadows that can ruin your picture. See what works best for the subject you are shooting.

These are the simple instructions that you can follow if you want to make a homemade photo mini-studio at home. The steps are really easy to follow and you will be able to make different types of setups. Look for items in the house that you can use for your photo studio such as props, different colors of cellophane and other items. Practice shooting every day so that you can enhance your skills as a photographer.


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