How To Make a Homemade Stress Ball

Making a homemade stress ball can be a fun way to relieve stress all by itself.  When you are done, you’ll have a unique gift or a way to keep relieving your stress day after day.

The materials you will need to make a homemade stress ball are:

  • A party balloon, not inflated
  • Plain flour from your kitchen (any kind will do)
  • Kitchen soup spoon or cereal spoon
  • A medium to large size kitchen funnel
  • A drinking straw, pencil or similar object that will fit inside the funnel
  • Scissors

Find a workspace where you can sit or stand comfortably.  Making a homemade stress ball can be tedious and time consuming.  Gather your materials listed above and spread them out on a table or desk in front of you.  You may want to cover the table with newspaper or a protective cloth to prevent flour from spilling onto it.  Be prepared to vacuum flour from the area when you are done.  This can be a messy project.

Now you are ready to begin.  Stretch your balloon over the smaller end of the funnel, making sure the fit is snug.  The end of the balloon should be stretched open enough so that you can see down inside it when you look through the large side of the funnel.  Using the spoon, begin to scoop small amounts of flour into the funnel.  Use the drinking straw or pencil to slowly push the flour into the balloon through the funnel opening.  It may take some trial and error to see how much flour you can successfully push into the balloon at one time.  Keep repeating this process until the balloon is full of flour.

Your flour-filled balloon will not be very large.  Do not try to “inflate” the balloon with the flour.  Only fill it up as you would any vessel.  Do not inflate the balloon with air before filling with the flour.  When the air is released, you will be showered with flour and you will have a huge mess to clean up.  There isn’t a stress ball out there that can relieve that kind of stress!

Once the balloon is filled with flour, gently remove it from the funnel.  The stem of the balloon should not contain flour.  You will be using this to tie the balloon securely, trapping the flour inside.  Wrap the stem of the balloon around one finger and make a knot.  Slide the knot down with your fingers, trying to get it as close to the flour-filled portion of the balloon as possible.  Snip the excess of the balloon’s stem with scissors after you are sure that the knot is secure.

Now you know how to make a homemade stress ball.  These items make great gifts and even better conversation pieces.  Put one on the corner of your desk, and you’ll have trouble leaving it alone.  What a great way to strengthen the muscles in your hand and relieve stress at the same time!


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