How To Make a Hope Chest

A hope chest is something that is used by women before they start their married life. This can also be called a dowry chest or glory box. This chest will hold the items that the bride will bring with her when she gets married and leaves her family’s house. The common contents of a hope chest include items of clothing, jewelry, linens, dishware and other important items for the bride.

Many years ago, the hope chest was passed on by women from generation to generation. Nowadays, women hardly ever use a hope chest but some families still carry on with the tradition. If you do not have a hope chest to hand down to your daughter, maybe it’s time that you make one so that you can take part in this meaningful tradition

Here are the steps on how you can make your own hope chest:

  1. Choose the wood. The first thing that you will have to determine is what type of wood you are going to use for the hope chest. The most common wood used for this is the cedar. This is because cedar is not only durable, but it also gives off a fragrant smell that also acts as moth repellent. You can also choose other types of wood, such as cherry wood or pine wood.
  2. Size of the chest. There is no standard size for a hope chest. You can make it as big or as small as you want. Take into consideration the number of items that you are going to put inside it. On average, a hope chest has a length of four feet, a width of two feet and a depth of two feet.
  3. Creating the chest. When you already have the proportions of wood needed for the hope chest, you can use wood glue to put the pieces together and form a chest. The next part is designing the chest according to your taste. This is not necessary but it will make the hope chest more attractive. Most hope chests from long ago were carved with intricate designs and patterns. However, if you want a more modern feel to your hope chest, you can always paint on the wood.
  4. Pass down the chest. After using the chest, you can start a new tradition and pass it down to your daughter. If you do not have a daughter, you can give it to a niece. Explain the symbolism and importance of the hope box so that she can carry on the tradition.

These are the steps on how you can create your own hope chest. You can put a lot of items inside the chest. You can put your wedding gown inside or some jewelry that you would like to pass down to your daughter. You can even put old letters or photos of your ancestors so that the younger generation of your family can get to know where they came from. Passing down this hope chest will surely be an exciting thing for you to do.


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