How To Make a Hovercraft

Making a hovercraft can be a fun activity for the whole family. Here's how to make one.

1. Have everything ready and within reach.

Gather two shaft engines, foam, some scrap pieces of plywood, cloth for the hovercraft's skirt, metal sheets, bicycle brakes, an air blower, nylon strings, a fan duct, pipe, an air deflector, a pulley, some bolts, screws and brackets, a sewing machine, and an electric drill. It would also be a good idea to have a complete set of handyman's tools handy.

2. Build the hovercraft's base.

Get two pieces of plywood of the same size and place foam in between them. Afterwards, securely join them together by drilling screws on all sides. With the use of the nylon string, sew the pieces of cloth for the hovercraft's upper and lower portion. Attach the cloth to the sides of the hovercraft with the use of screws to make a skirt. Next is to get a large piece of plywood that has been shaped into a rectangle and place this on top. Lastly, attach this rectangular plywood with the use of bolts drilled right down to the hovercraft's base.

3. Add the engine.

Firstly, secure the fan by drilling it at the base of the engine. Next is to get the metal sheet, cut a hole on it that will be large enough to accommodate the fan. Insert the fan into the metal sheet hole, making sure that the engine shaft rests on the metal sheet. Next is to cut a hole into the plywood contraption that serves as the hovercraft's base, and attach the rest of the horizontal engine into it, making sure that it goes all the way down to the base.

4. Hook up the horizontal and vertical engines together.

Using a pulley, attach the fan to one side of the fan duct. Afterwards, pull the pulley and attach it as well to the other engine.

5. Build the hovercraft's controller.

Saw a circular piece of plywood and cut this in half. Attach a pipe in between with the use of brackets, making sure that it will move towards the course in which it is directed. Afterwards, attach air deflectors into the pipe. Attach hooks on both sides of the pipe, run a rope through these hooks to connect it to the deflector and the vertical engine as well. Lastly, tie the rope securely at the fan duct's base.

It would be prudent to set up a plan and seek an expert's advice, especially if you are doing this project for the first time.


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