How To Make a Hula Hoop

The hula-hoop is one of the most popular and entertaining games not only for children but also for young adults. Moreover, it serves as a fitness routine for teenagers and adults alike. Given the wide range of functions it can serve – from leisurely activity to maintaining one’s body figure – it is not surprising that the hula-hoop is such a charm for you. If you cannot help yourself from wishing that you have your own hula hoop, then fret no more! In a few easy steps, you can make a hula-hoop of your own! Before you know it, you will be out there in your neighborhood, twisting and turning with your very own hula-hoop.

  1. Prepare the tools that you will need: Making a hula-hoop requires most of the usual tools used by a carpenter. As a word of caution, handle the tools well as they can injure you. You will need a cutter, a hair drier, a Swiss or utility knife, a bale, a file, a considerable length of sandpaper, a measuring instrument made of cloth and a pair of gloves. The gloves are important because they will lessen the risk of your hand getting hurt.
  2. Prepare the materials for the hoop: You will need some tubing which will basically be the main material of the hoop. As an alternative, you can also use steel or aluminium, provided that they are thin enough to be bend. You should consider the PSI level of the material you will use for the hoop. A lower PSI means that the material will be more bendable. The ideal PSI range is set as 80-160 so make sure that the material you will opt will neither be less or more than this range.
  3. Prepare the other materials: Aside from the tubing, you will also need a diameter whose length should be a maximum of an inch. You will also need a connector that will connect the two sides of the hoop in forming the circle. Additionally, you will need a clothed tape that will cover the hula-hoop.
  4. Determine the size of the hoop and then cut accordingly: Decide on the size of the hoop you want for yourself, Afterwards, use a saw or a strong blade to cut the material (the steel or the tubing).
  5. Connect the two ends of the material and add weight on it: Using an inserting connector, make the two ends of the tubing meet. Once this is done, add weight to the hoop by pouring in either sand or corn kernels (or ay other similar material) inside the hoop. In choosing the material you will put inside the hoop, make sure that it is not a material which will create disturbing noise once you begin using the hoop.
  6. Heat the tubing and pad it for stronger hold: To finish the hoop, heat the tubing so the meeting point closes more tightly. For additional insurance, you can tape or pad the convergence point to ensure that it is well-closed. Once you feel like the point is already tightly locked, the hoop is done!

Hula-hoop is a wonderful toy and exercise instrument. Take advantage of its immense wonders! Follow the steps here and have your own hula hoop soon!


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