How To Make a Jeopardy Board Game

Bring home the excitement of the famous trivial television game. Be the game master and create your own Jeopardy board game. With this board game in handy, you can sure enjoy the excitement of the game whenever and wherever you want.

There are two ways to create your own Jeopardy board game, here are the steps to follow:

  • Make the board game the old fashioned way. You will need the following materials for this: a word processor program in the computer, a printer, a stack of cards, a piece of cardboard, a pair of scissors and paint.
  • Decide which general information category you wish to include. Do some research with each category type. Get ready with at least ten questions.
  • Using the word-processor program on your computer, try to create a table. Try a sample table of five columns with five rows.
  • Encode the number with their corresponding trivia questions. Follow the correct format and encode in complete sentences.
  • Create your answer key by using the number as your reference key. With each number, encode the corresponding answer.
  • Print the questions on each cardstock. Cut each one out evenly. Indicate the difficulty level that ranges from one to five on the other side of the card.
  • Ready the cardboard. Make partitions on the box. Twenty five on each columns of five. Paint it using a solid color. Each side will mean each round in the game.
  • Make the board game using the modern way. All you need here is a computer with a PowerPoint program and some general knowledge in manipulating it.
  • Open a new PowerPoint presentation. Create the board game by inserting a table with five columns and four rows. Type your categories on the topmost row. Below each category are boxes which contain points for each question in the category.
  • Create a grid for each category and corresponding points on each slide. This grid will be placed on the question slide and would pertain to the category and the corresponding points for each.
  • Create a new slide that will contain the question and the answer as well. For example, the first slide will contain the question and answer for this grid “category 1 value 100”. Type the question using a complete sentence on the first line. Type the answer on the bottom part.
  • Insert an animation that allows you to control the exposure of the answers located in the slide. Go to the “slide show” tab and click on “custom animation”. A window will pop out. Select the answer text box and select the option to “dissolve” under the “effects” tab on the bottom part of the window. Beside this tab is the “order and timing” tab. In this tab, you would choose the “on mouse click” option for the answer text box. This move will assure you that answers will only be revealed once you have click anywhere in the slide.
  • Create an action button on the question and answer slide. This button will create a hyperlink that will allow you to go back to the main game board slide. Create each for the next slides.
  • Similarly create action buttons on the main game board slide. Locate one in each box, to allow you to navigate straight to the corresponding question and answer slide that a particular box pertains to.

Playing your own created Jeopardy board game lets you enjoy the convenience of being the game master. However, since it is originally a trivial game you should be ready to settle any counter argument a player have on your game. A little research will come in handy.


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