How To Make a Jet Pack


"Quantum of Solace" is cool and all but it lacks a certain Pizzazz.  I miss the gadgets and cool stuff. All he has and ever uses is a phone with a camera. The camera he uses even has gigantic pixels. That is not impressive at all. It makes me wonder what happened to Q. Did he get downsized because of this damn economy? I hope not, because John Cleese is one funny Monty Python alumni.

There is absolutely something so un-Bond-like of an agent 007 that uses his fists more than his charismatic smile.  Gadget made the Bonds of all stand out. I saw cars with remote controls, cufflinks that double as tranquilizer darts and even a pen that you can shoot a man from a hundred paces, but one thing no one can match. All of these gadgets fail in comparison to the grandeur of the Jetpack of the James Bond movie “Thunder Ball”.

Now you can be Bond for a day thanks to the home-made jet pack. No it doesn’t get you a mile away in 60 seconds. It doesn’t give you amazing lift at all, but at least you look cool while you run around in your background with a trail of white smoke. So it is a prop that doesn’t really work as a jet pack, but you can just imagine the movies you can make with it.

So read up and we will help you make a homemade Jet pack for you. Just read the following steps and you will be just like Q and his wacky gadgets minus the big budgets.

  1. Get a fire extinguisher. You will need a small canister of fire extinguisher. You can use the CO2 kind of fire extinguisher. It emits the white smoke you see in the movies. It also shoots off a good white smoke. I would stay away from the foam type fire extinguishers. They are not dangerous but the only reason I won’t go for this type of extinguisher is the residue it leaves behind. It makes a mess and I do not like to clean up more than I have to.
  2. Design a Propulsion System.  All jet packs have propulsion. This is what pushes you up or down. You don’t have to go overboard with moving parts. After all this is just a prop. What is important her is the cool effect it provides. I used a 45 degree PVC elbow fitting the fits snugly in the fire extinguisher nozzle and attach it to a larger diameter 90 degree PVC elbow fitting with some epoxy. Test it out and it should flow freely.
  3. Create a cool body to carry your Jet Pack and cover it up. This is the fun part. You get to make it look as cool as you can. First you need to get an external frame mountaineering backpack and attach the fire extinguisher to it using massive amounts of Tape. After that, get some cool stuff from the scrap heap to cover the fire extinguisher. You can use card board, plastic parts, and old car engine parts. If you find anything that you think would look cool on your jet pack, slap it on with some tape and glue. Then paint the whole thing with your desired color.

The Jet pack won’t get you chicks like Bond. In fact they will probably think you are a geek. Hey let me give you an example of a geek. George Lucas is a geek and he loved special effects. If you make a cool movie with your Jet pack and make tons of money off of it from the net, then you might just end up like old George there. Until then we would have to settle with a low budget movie prop until the real Q comes along to let you try out his new invention, inflatable Speedos that doubles as a lifeboat.


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