How To Make a Key Holder

Key holders are a great homemade gift for Grandparents, Parents, or for someone you know who tends to misplace their keys. A basic key holder is a piece of wood, which has hooks to hang your keys on. To make a key holder you will need the following supplies:

  • Wood (8 inches x 8 inches)
  • router
  • router bit
  • drill
  • drill bit
  • sander/sand paper
  • tack cloth
  • decoupage glue
  • 3 to 4 small hooks
  • cloth
  • paintbrush
  • stain
  • polyurethane

To make your key holder, you will want to run your router, which is fitted with the router bit of your choice, along the entire outer piece of wood. This will give you a nice round finish design along the entire piece of wood. If you do not want to use a router, or do not have one, you can purchase precut wood that is already trimmed to make your key holder, at any craft store.

To drill the holes for the hooks, you want to measure up from the bottom of the wood one inch, marking a small line with your pencil. Do this across the entire piece. Now lay your ruler across the wood, lining it up with the lines you just made. Take the total length of your wood, and divide it by the number of hooks, (8 inches across with 3 hooks equally spaced), place your first mark 1 inch in from the left side, marking a dot every 2 inches with your pencil. Now with the proper drill bit sized to the screw on the hook, drill your hole. Finish off using a sander, or sandpaper, sand the entire piece of wood, and follow up by wiping with a tack cloth to remove leftover residue.

Choose a photo that is proportionate to the size of your key holder, for example a 3 x 6 photo would work great. To center your photo between the top of the key holder and the hooks, set the photo onto the wood and visually line it up to center. Take your ruler and set it vertically one inch (more or less) from the top. Line the photo's top to the edge of the ruler, and hold it in place. Take your ruler and measure from the side of the wood to the side of the picture, do this for both sides, repositioning your picture, until you are happy with the location. Draw a thin line around the photo using your pencil. Recheck the outline area, if everything looks good, go over the pencil mark with a dark ink pen.

Using the stain color of your choice, apply one or two coats to the wood piece, (leaving the photo area unstained) allow to dry completely between coats, then finish with the polyurethane. Set aside to dry for 24 hours.

Spread a thin layer of glue in the penciled area, and gently place your photo into the area, pressing firmly over the entire photo. If any glue seeps out from the sides, wipe immediately with a towel. Allow to dry. You can finish the top of the photo with decoupage glue to seal the photo. Glue on any thin molding or picture frame around the photo, and you are done. You have just made your own key holder.


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