How To Make a Knife Out of a Rock

Yes, you may claim that you are already living in the Internet Age, but the simple fact remains – the idea of making a knife out of a rock is still fashionable and undoubtedly as exciting as before. It is like going back to the Stone Age and imagining how life then challenged the early men to create things. And perhaps, once you have finished your little project, you are going to have that sense of exhilaration. You are definitely going to convince yourself that nothing really changed between now and eons ago. Carving a knife out of a rock is not only going to test your patience and perseverance, but interestingly, your ingenuity, too. Here are the steps on how you can shape your knife effortlessly:

  • Look for your “special” rock. You need to search for something specific here. Your rock has to be sharp-edged. It actual size should suit the dimension of the knife that you desire to form. You should also weigh. It should not be too light or too heavy to work on or to handle.
  • Begin your work by bringing out your chipping tool. Choose something that is user-friendly – hard, easy to manipulate, and relatively light. You may rely on another appropriately shaped piece of rock as your chipping tool. Otherwise, a good alternative can be a bone or a metal.
  • Find your flaking tool. Again, like your chipping tool, it should be hard. It should also be sharp so you can readily flake off the rock pieces. If finding a suitable flaking tool becomes difficult, you can always use a chisel instead. Just see to it that it has a sharp edge. If you are thinking Stone Age, your equivalent tool may be a sharpened piece of an antler or a bone.
  • Grab your “special” rock. Hold it firmly right over your knee. Then, proceed by chipping it with your tool. Bear in mind the shape of the knife that you intend to form. Make sure that the sharp end of your “special” rock is properly placed on one side. Then, render some angular blows. Make them small. Execute them while you are chipping. Once you have completed your chipping task, you should have roughly formed your “special” rock into your preferred shape.
  • Get your sharpening tool. Use it to sharpen your newly formed knife – out of a rock. Set the blade of your sharpening tool. Position it on the flaked portion of your newly formed rock (knife edge). Keep it paralleled at all times. After that, press the blade harder against your knife’s edge. Do it very gently. Your goal is to carefully scrape those little rock flakes. Simply repeat the process until the results brings about a fairly sharpened edge of a knife.
  • Finish your project by getting a sandstone or any rough material. Rub it against the edge of your newly formed knife. Another wonderful alternative is to utilize a chipping rock. It can bring similar results to your finished project.

Make safety your priority when you work on your project. Wear safety gloves. Protect your hands from cuts. Wear a pair of protective eyeglasses. Save your eyes from any injury.


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