How To Make a Knotted Rag Rug

Do you want to make something great for your house? Do you wish to give it a touch of true country charm? Well, here is a suggestion. Make your own knotted rag rug. Aside from being warm and soft underneath, they can be styled wonderfully according to your taste and aesthetics. In other words, a knotted rag rug is definitely an interesting project for a craft enthusiast like you. All you need to have is time, imagination, and some pieces of fabric (small scraps). Here are the specific guidelines:

  • Prepare your rug frame. You can construct your own – out of wood. Or, you go out and look for a picture frame. Get a frame size that approximates the rug size that you intend to create. Apparently, a picture frame, even if it is large, can only allow you to make a small throw rug.

    If your goal is to make a big rug, you have to construct it in sections. Your rug frame should be custom-made. If you are a handy man (or if you know someone who can do the handy works), you can build your own rug frame. Simply nail together strips or pieces of strong wood (1” x 1”). Be careful. You don’t want to make it too big. The rug frame size should permit you to work easily.

  • Nail your rug frame. Bring out your nails (small but large-headed). Start putting them around your rug frame – on both sides: top and bottom. They should be ½-inch apart. Cover the outside of the entire rug frame. The nails are going to be used when you begin stringing the warp thread.
  • Ready your warp thread. Go for something that is strong, made out of cotton, and specifically designed for making rugs. You can readily order it from a nearby fabric store or craft center.
  • Get your warp thread and tie one of its ends on a nail on the top left of your rug frame. Leave a tail, at least about four inches. Continue by stringing the thread. Do it across - back and forth. Cover each nail in your rug frame. After that, turn your directions. Start stringing your warp thread to cover the remaining nails – up and down. Once you finished this, you should have a ready grid-work.
  • Cut your fabric scraps. If you don’t have a pair of scissors, you can tear them up into strips. Each strip should be between three and four inches long and at least one inch wide. Cut (or tear) the strips evenly. Of course, the amount of fabric that you need highly depends on the actual size of your rug.
  • Make your knots. Begin at the backside by getting a strip and pushing it up on one of the junctions (warp thread). See to it that the opposite sides are covered. Make a square knot to tie the ends. Simply repeat the process to finish the whole rug loom.

Your project is done once you have removed the knotted rag rug out of the wooden frame. You can do that by working on the loops and easing them off the nails. If there are any extra weaves, knot them.


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