How To Make a Lace Parasol

A parasol is another term for an umbrella. Lace parasols are often used for decorative purposes or as an accessory for a costume. Ladies from the Victorian era are the ones who are mostly seen with lace parasols. They use lace parasols to protect themselves from the rays of the sun. If you are going to a costume party or if you want to have a parasol as a decoration for your home, you do not need to purchase one. You can make your own lace parasol. This is even an advantage as you get to make the parasol just as you want it to look like.

Here are the steps on how you can make your own lace parasol:

  1. Materials for the project. First, gather all the materials that you will be using for this project. The materials are: an old umbrella, lace fabric of your choice, lace trimming, ribbons, paint, paintbrush, glue gun, thread and needle. You do not have to purchase any of these items. You can use some scraps that you already have in your home so that you won’t have to spend.
  2. Preparing the base of the parasol. You are going to use the umbrella as the base for your lace parasol. Get your umbrella and open it up. Remove the fabric on the umbrella so that you can replace it with lace. You can do this by cutting out the thread that holds that fabric to the base. Be sure to remove everything from the umbrella base. When you have already removed the fabric, the next thing is to paint the base with the color that you want. Most parasols have a white or cream base. Wait for the paint to dry before doing the next step.
  3. Sewing on the lace to the base. The next step is to sew the lace fabric on the base of the umbrella. Use the same color of thread as the lace. Spread the lace fabric over the opened umbrella. Make sure that you sew the fabric to each of the stems of the umbrella. Afterwards, cut out any excess lace fabric that drapes past the stems.
  4. Adding trimmings. After sewing on the lace fabric, the next thing you have to do is to add the lace trimmings. You can attach the lace trimmings by using a glue gun. Attach the lace trimmings while the umbrella is open.
  5. Adding ribbons. You can choose to add ribbons to the parasol. One thing you can do is to tie or glue ribbons at the end of each umbrella stem. Your parasol will look great with these ribbons when it is open. You can also attach a ribbon on the handle of the parasol.

These are the simple steps on how you can make your own lace parasol. You can make different colored lace parasols by purchasing colored lace fabric. Let your imagination run when designing the parasol. You can use ribbons, lace trimmings, thread, buttons and other materials that you want to make your parasol more attractive.


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