How To Make a Lamp into a Touch Lamp

A touch lamp is something that you can turn on and off just by touching it. This saves you the hassle of looking for the lamp switch in the dark. You can purchase a touch lamp in any home improvement center. Instead of purchasing a touch lamp, why don’t you try and make one yourself. Creating a touch lamp from scratch is a really hard task. The good news is, you can purchase a touch lamp kit that you can use to turn any ordinary lamp that you have into a touch lamp!

Here are the steps on how you can make your lamp a touch lamp:

  1. Materials. First gather all the materials that you will need for this project. These are the touch lamp kit and your own lamp that you want to turn into a touch lamp. Use a lamp that has a ceramic base as most touch lamp kits work with that type of lamp. You can purchase your touch lamp kit on the website This touch lamp kit allows you to have three settings for the light. The dim, medium and bright.
  2. Setting up the touch lamp. On the touch lamp kit, you will find an adapter. Get the adapter and plug into the wall outlet where you will be using your touch lamp. Get your ordinary lamp and plug the outlet of the lamp into the adapter that came with the touch lamp kit. Another thing that you will find with the touch lamp kit is a disk. Place the disk on the desk beside your ordinary lamp.
  3. Using the touch lamp. Now, your touch lamp is all done! To use the touch lamp, touch the disk that came with the kit. This will turn on the lamp in the dim mode. Touch the disk again to go to the medium mode and again to the bright mode. Touching the disk again will turn off the lamp.
  4. Reminders when using the touch lamp. The touch lamp disk is sensitive. Refrain from touching the disk unless you are going to change the lamp setting or if you are going to turn it off. Also, do net let your hand linger on the disk for too long as this might cause damage to the light bulb and to the lamp itself. When changing the light bulb, it will be better if you disconnect the touch lamp disk first from the original lamp base.

Now that you have your own touch lamp, you won’t have a hard time fussing around in the dark looking for the light switch. You can use a touch lamp in your children’s rooms or you can use a touch lamp as your nightlight.

Before turning an ordinary lamp into a touch lamp, make sure that the ordinary lamp uses an incandescent light bulb. If you are using an energy-saving light bulb, you should ask for assistance when you purchase the touch lamp kit. This is because most touch lamp kits are not compatible with the energy-saving light bulb.


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