How To Make a Leather Checkbook Cover

A fat checkbook seems to reveal a hefty sum of money that you are so keen in hiding elsewhere. It will be a good idea to conceal things altogether with a checkbook cover--make that a leather checkbook cover. And to keep things as they are, you do not have to peel a single page off your book to get an expensive leather case. You can absolutely make one on your own. It takes only a few cuts here and sewing there, and then you are done. Here is how to make a leather wrap for your blank checks.

  • Use suede. The usual size of checkbooks runs 6.5 x 12.25 inches in width and length, respectively. If your book is slightly smaller or larger, measure its dimensions. You will have to take out a piece of leather, particularly suede, for your checkbook. Decide in which color you want your case to be.
  • Cut the suede. Work on a flat plane, such as a working table. Place your material on top of the working surface, underside up. Use a pencil and a ruler to mark your leather with the measurements mentioned in the first step. Cut the leather according to the marks on it. You will have to use leather knife to work this out.
  • Fold the suede. Arrange the suede in a way that the short edges are facing you. And then, fold down to 2 ¾ inches the top side of the suede. Use adhesive to secure the leather in its folded position. Do not use any pointed objects such as pins, as these will leave holes in the suede that cannot be taken out. Do the same for the bottom edge of the material.
  • Sew the suede. Look for a thread of the same color with your case. If a fit is hard to find, use one that is of darker hue than your case. Sew the suede using a 14 wedge-point leather needle on your sewing machine. Start sewing up the sides, going about 1/8 inch from the most outer edge of the leather.
  • Finish up the sewing. After the whole edge of the cover has been stitched, remove it from the machine. There is no need to employ backstitch on the material. Simply loop the tail of the thread into a knot to lock the stitching. When the sewing process is done, take off the adhesive that put the folds in place. You can now try the case on your checkbook. Insert the front and back paper cover of the checkbook into the folds created in the case. Check whether the suede holds the book in place.

There you have your new colored suede checkbook case. The steps are fairly simple and you can produce one in just hours. Plus, you get to spend less in crafting your own leather wallet for checks. Who knows this could turn into a recurring activity or a source of profit for you? This leather case spells money for you, not to mention that you now got your blank checks covered. Case closed.


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